Monday, April 27, 2015

Daddy's son

It was an interesting surprise to receive a message on one of the sites I am a member with.called Daddy Dater.  The 23 year old college boy was quite lean, muscled and some fur on his chest.  He went to college since he was studying to become a Doctor.  He expressed interest in me as his Daddy.

I decided to make arrangements to webcam with him on skype.  After skyping with Mike that was his name, he had become my personal muscle son.  He was quite beautiful and had met all the qualifications that I was looking for, very nice cock as well since he showed it to me on webcam.  He was impressed with my Daddy cock as well.

So we decided to meet up since he was only like a 20 mile drive.  We had chosen a local motel, which was in his area.  Mike had given me the motel room number and kept the room door cracked open so when I arrived I could just walk in.  Fuck!!!, There he was in the flesh--my college muscleson.  He was laying in bed completely naked watching some television.  He glanced over and smiled.  He got up and all I could do was placed my Daddy arms around him and kissed him deeply and ever so passionately.  My tongue was giving a grand tour in his mouth.  I had swept him off his feet as if he was a baby and had carried him over to the queen-sized bed.  Softly, I had lowered his beautiful body and then began stripping myself off.  Mike just stared at me undressing.  He knew that I wasn't wasting any time diving on this boy and started rimming his warm sweet college hole.  His hole was definitely moist and dripping in anticipation of the need to be breaded.

I was getting more hungrier and had lifted his legs up over my shoulders as my cock was dripping in precum entering him slowly and easy.  His moaning was getting me very hard as a rock as I continue to proceed to get myself in deeper of his boy cunt.  His eyes rolled back once I was fully inside him.  My pounding his ass became very intense the bed kept banging on the wall and the people next door pounded back.  But I didn't give a fuck.  This session was going to the end.  I had fucked him every position that I could think of that lasted for an hour, my cock was still inside him as I pulled him toward me and kissing him hard.  It was amazing that I released my hot load into his hole, simutaneously he shot his load over his muscled belly and chest.

The breeding and seeding session was now complete.  My cock slipped out of his hole and just watched my load ooze out of his twitching ass.  I had laid beside him panting and trying to catch my breath.  I spent some time licking his own warm milk from his chest and belly.  He glanced over at me and told me that this Daddy was the best fuck session he had ever had.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Muscle beach stud

I was at the beach and saw this guy which looked like he was with his girlfriend or wife.  I really loved his built.  I kept looking over at him and couldn't stop looking at him until he caught me looking at him several times.

I heard his girlfriend or wife arguing with him for some reason as she packed up her things and she and her friend walked away toward the boardwalk.  He looked over at me and he told me that he would never unstand her.  I told him to bring his stuff over to me and we could be able to chat.  So he brought all his stuff over to me.

He complained that he had a lot of beers in his cooler and wouldn't be able to drink it all.  He opened the cooler up, popped open the beer with his big strong hands and given me the beer, figuring that I could use one.  He introduced himself as Joey and he was with his wife and her friend.  It seemed that he didn't really cared about his wife because he would had followed her.  Not only that, he continued to stay and came over to me.  Actually, I was glad he did because he was hot someone that I would like
to get to know.  We really had a good conversation going.  Joey kept giving me beers and told me to drink up and there was a lot in the cooler.  We were both laughing and having a good time.  I tell ya, he had me rolling.  He was really good to hang out with and having a laugh.  I couldn't stop looking at him and his sexy body.  My heart was pumping every time I looked at him.

I asked him if he wanted to come over to my place.  He hadn't problems with that.  Actually, he was pretty excited.  So we packed up our things and made our way over to my holiday cabin.

We were having a good time drinking the last of the beers and smoking cigars, and man, he was hot smoking one too.  We both caught a nice buzz from the beers.  I was kind of surprised that he was flirting with me as if he was a gay man.  Hmmm, maybe he was.  Maybe he needs to leave his wife and start dating me.

He suddenly blurted out saying, "I'm a straight man living in a gay man's body."

I was relieved when he said that because I really thought he was very hot looking and I did tell him that too.  He was flattered and leaned forward to kiss me.  The roughness from his face felt like sand paper.

I told him that I wanted to shower with him.  He didn't hesitate.  He immediately took off his shorts and told me to show him the way.

We washed each other and I noticed that Joey was working on my ass with the soap with his hands. He kneeled down and started to suck my already hard cock. It felt so great to finally have this sexy man's mouth around my cock.  Before I knew it, he began to finger fuck me while sucking me.  That made my cock solid like a rock instantly from his finger.  I began to moan.  He was a good cock sucker.

He got up crouching and told me to suck him.  I crouched down like he did and began sucking.  His uncut cock felt so nice in my mouth.  I was waiting for this moment.  After a moments, he got me up from crouching, and turned me around.  He first admired my hairy ass.  He then leaned me forward so he could see what he was doing, opened my ass cheeks and slid his cock inside me.  He pushed me closer to him to get in deeper.  His whole cock easily went all the way inside me.  I put his hands on my hips and began fucking me like a mother fucker as I was jacking myself off.

"You have such a hot ass," he said.

"I love you in me," I replied

From the way he was fucking me, it must had been a really long time he fucked someone because he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

I begged for him to shoot his hot load deep inside me.  From me saying that to him, it made him shoot his load sooner than he thought.

After he shot his load, he turned me around and said, "I need some protein."

He kneeled down again and began sucking me very quickly because I was about to shoot.  I had screamed when I shot my man juice in his mouth.  Holy fuck that was awesome.

After we showered, we went to the bed to lay down naked and fell asleep in each others arms.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Working on the house

I was heading over my friends to work on his house.  When I arrived there, he answered the door without any clothes on.  Not only I was shocked but I was pretty excited because he was sexy without any clothes.

"Do you normally work around the house

naked?" I asked.

"Of course," he replied.

I couldn't resist his nakedness.  He asked me

it is okay to strip naked too if I wanted to.  I told him maybe a little later if I start to sweat off.  He thought that was okay.  He noticed there was a bulge in my pants.  He walked over to me and began to feel me up.  He told me that my dick felt nice through my jeans.

"Do I get to suck you after we finish working on the house as a bonus?" he asked

"Sure," I got excited, "if you like."

He even through in some beers as we were working on the house.  I was feeling good afterwards and catching a nice buzz that I started to strip down naked.  He ooked over at me while I was taking my clothes off and out bounced my hard dick.

It was a long 6 hour work that we had done.  He brought me to the sofa and sat me down.  He kneeled down between my legs, grabbed my cock, and began sucking on me.  he was a real cocksucker, as if he sucked cock for a long time.

"Oh yeah," my head fell back with exhaustion of all that work and the pleasure of feeling my cock in my mouth.  I grabbed his head and forced his head down.  I could hear him gag on my 9 inch cock.  I suddenly shot my load in his mouth which he loved.

He stood on his sofa in front of me.  He placed his hand on my head and guided his cock in my mouth.  He began fucking my face as if my mouth was a fucken whore.  He had informed me that he wanted me to take his load as he was fucking my face
faster and faster.  Each pump his cock was getting in deeper and deeper.  When he shot his load, he brought my head really close to him as his cum ruptured down my throat taking each drop until he was done with me.

Ever since working on his house, we fucked around more frequently.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Strongest Man

I love going to the strongest man competition and admiring the hot strong men.  There was one hot guy I took interest in and he was working on the atlas ball.  He was on his last atlas ball when he was slowly losing his breath and had put the atlas ball down.  I kept cheering and cheering for him. He looked up at me and started smiling.  It seemed that from my cheering brought more strength and adrenilin that he continued with his last atlas once again and struggled with it.

He was relieved after he threw up his last ball.  He walked around to catch up with his breath again.  He looked over and waved to me.  He then walked over and thanked me.  He mentioned that if it wasn't for my loud cheering, he would probably hadn't complete it as he was very exhausted from it.

He excused himself as he had to go to the bathroom.  I waited few minutes and followed him.

When I got to the bathroom he was taking a piss at the urinal.  I didn't see anybody so I had locked the door so nobody could be able to come in.

I stood beside him and he looked over and was surprised to see me with a great big grin on him.  I took out my dick and it became an instant hardon.  He looked down and smiled.  He reached over and grabbed my dick.  I kind of knew that he loved cock.  He finished pissing and he brought me toward him and began to kiss me.  His face was very cruffy like sand paper.

"I need some protein," he said with an accent.

He kneeled down and began to suck my cock.  I could hear him moaning, knowing that he loved dick.  I began to pumping and fucking his face.  he placed his hands on my hips and rapidly pushing and pulling so I could pound on his mouth harder.  From all that pounding I told him that I had to cum.  That's what he wanted to hear.  After I shot my man juice in his mouth, he kept my cock in there making sure that he took every drop of cum until I was soft.

He got up from his knees and pulled down his pants and wanted me to suck on his 8 inch pole.  I didn't care because I wanted to know what he tasted like too.  I could believe that he grabbed my head and forcefully face fucked me.  I kept gagging on his thick cock.  I felt that he loved it too because his dick became so hard like rock.  I heard him growl and let out a big yelp and exploded some hot warm juice.  He didn't want to let go of my head because he wanted to make sure I take all of him too.

When he was ready to release me, he helped me get up from my knees and held my face so caressfully and gave me some soft kisses.  It was really beautiful the way he was kissing me.

Before we left he asked if I had a pen so I took out a small pen from my back pocket which I happened to have and gave it to him.  He pulled pulled off some drying paper to dry your hands with and wrote down his name and number.  He told me that to give him a call because he wanted to do it again.  That was suprised and happy.

Ever since then we started hanging out.

Buddy shopping

I was at the shopping mall with a buddy of mine who needed to buy new clothes.  After he picked up a few clothes he took them in the one unattended dressing room.  I had followed him behind since he needed my opinion on how he looked.

He began to take off his shorts and and just like myself he doesn't wear any underwears.  His dick started to get hard.  I put on shorts he was going to possibly try out when he kept the zipper His cock grew bigger and harder.

"Come over here and give me a suck," he said.

I crouched down and started to lick and kiss the head of his dick first.  He pulled open his extra forskin and stuck my tongue in there, swirling my tongue around his head.  He grabbed the back of my head with my head and gentle pushed it toward him.

"Take it it all in," he said, "I need you to give my cock a good workout."

I slowly went in deeper, making sure that I would take all his dick in my mouth.  I could feel the head of his cock pushing at the back my throat and wants to push in further.  I started to get really excited and hot that I had to take off my tank top.  

I wanted to make sure that I am going to enjoy his cock.  I really loved sucking his cock.  It felt really nice in my mouth.  I could tell he was enjoying me sucking him too because he started to fuck my face.

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, "I need your man juice for my big body."

"Yeah?  YOu want my man juice?" he questioned and confirmed, "I have some protein for you and your big body."

"Give it to me," I said and began to suck him faster.

He grabbed the back of my head and really started to pump my face.  I started to gag a bit but he didn't care.  The sound of me gagging made him more harder and excited.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Neighbor next door

I woke up from my nap because I was hearing something outside in my background.  I looked out my window and there was my neighbor next door who invited himself to my jacuzzi.  Such nerve of him.  Even though I thought it was rude to come into someone's background and invited himself, I continued to look out the window.  I got to admit he was pretty sexy too in it.  I noticed that his swim shorts were off of him as they were laying on the grass.

Wow, I thought, he was making himself really comfortable.

He lifted himself to the surface of the water and his cock was stiff hard.  I was getting pretty excited about him not only in my background, but hard in my jacuzzi.  I took my clothes off in the kitchen and left them on the floor and walked out the back door.  His head was laid back and he didn't hear me come out.

"Need company," I asked.

He looked over at me and noticed that I was naked, "Sure come on in, the water is great."

I jumped in the water and sat next time.  His hardon got me so excited that I just had to grab it.  He was well hard enough.  I brought his body up to the surface of the water and began to suck him.  He fucken loved me sucking him.  I do have to admit that he did have a nice cock and ballsack which I kept pulling down as I was sucking him.

I got up and turned around because i wanted him to fuck me.  My ass was so wanting his cock.  When he slipped his cock in my hole, I didn't realize how tight I was, but he continue to push.  Luckily he was precumming which lubricated my hole making it more slippery, easy to fuck my ass.

I never been fucked in my jacuzzi before but it felt really good.  He was splashing alot from his fucking me rapidly because he was about to shoot his load.  I felt so good when he released his load inside me.  After awhile we just held each other. It wasn't that long until we had a second session but I was doing the fucking.